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First State | The Whole Nine Yards 2: Jakarta - Amsterdam

After a year of travelling the world, seeing new faces, visiting new places and hearing new music, First State presents his long awaited new mix compilation series, ‘The Whole Nine Yards 2: Jakarta – Amsterdam’. With this follow up, First State embarks on a new musical tour giving ‘The Whole Nine Yards’ its second year running now as a series.

His travels to all four corners of the globe and the continuous development of the sounds on his “Crossroads” radio show once again urged the DJ/producer to move towards a second volume as the follow up to his previous, ‘The Whole Nine Yards: AMS – LAX’. Building up his mix over two discs, First State tells us his story in an almost three-hour DJ set with a calm beginning and an energetic ending; the full concept based on one of his most memorable gigs in Jakarta last year. On the album, he shares his world tour experiences in a brand new double-disc, 30-track mix compilation featuring artists such as Manufactured Superstars, Andain, Robbie Rivera, Marco V, Felix Leiter, Aruna and many more. It includes ‘Why So Serious’, his new collaboration with Jake Shanahan, huge club anthems and festival favourites as well as some massive new First State exclusives. It’s out now on Black Hole Recordings.

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