Paul van Dyk

Paul van Dyk | 'R)Evolution: The Remixes

Last year, through his sixth artist album, ‘Evolution’’s tracklist spawned five single sales chart tracks and a 150+ date tour. Now that ‘the originals’ have been established, Paul van Dyk is now releasing the remixes, handpicked by the man himself. Comprising 18 tracks from a full company of remixers, it’s out February 22 on Vandit Records.

Paul van Dyk: “Naturally, the original versions of ‘Evolution’’s tracks were my and my co‐producers visions. To‐date, the singles have brought some wonderful, creative remixes with them – ones that blew me away when I heard them and which I played in‐club and on the radio throughout 2012. They were the seeds for this album; now is the right time to push the boundaries of ‘Evolution’ that bit further.” 

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