Sona Vabos

Sona Vabos | Four Trax EP

Southern Fried records stalwart Sona Vabos returns with a new EP featuring a functional title and four tracks that delve into the depths of house music’s many facets. Sona Vabos has been a core part of the Southern Fried Records artist stable for the last few years, releasing original EPs and lending his remix talents to records from the likes of 2Bears, Chicken Lips & Crookers. Now the London based producer has just dropped his latest release, the ‘Four Trax EP’.


The simplistic title is both a tip of the hat to house music’s past and a functional description of the EP’s remit, that being, to deliver a collection of solid club cuts. Vabos suggests that this may be the beginning of a series, with the Four, leading to three, two and finally a ‘One Trax’ release. The EP kicks off with ‘So Good’, a looped disco outing that rolls up warm funk-fuelled bass, keys, classic disco strings and pitched vocals. Next up is ‘Two Turn Jax’, a track that melds elements of Chicago house with organic Detroit techno sounds. ‘Cane Rhythm’ steps out into deep and percussive house territory with a record that weaves subtle melodic elements into a solid house groove. Finally, on ‘Dirty Swing’, the beats get broken, the vocals and keys become garage inspired and the jazz inspired brass tops it off. It’s out now.


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