Gareth Emery

Gareth Emery | Meet Her In Miami

Gareth Emery is back with his first release of 2013, ‘Meet Her In Miami’, out on Garuda Music February 18. Following his two singles ‘Tokyo’ and ‘The Saga’ -both of which landed in the top 10 on Beatport’s main chart - Emery is back with another slice of big room dance music, just in time for Miami Music Week. Through a change in tempo and progressive builds, Emery has produced a modernised tribute to the beloved 1997 dance hit ‘Meet Her at the Love Parade,’ by Da Hool. 

A track now suitable for pool parties, nightclubs and music festivals, it brings the warmth, beauty and Latin flavor of the sunny Florida city to life. Its playful synth and distinct percussive elements stay true to the tribal groove of the original, while Emery puts his own stamp on the track through attention-grabbing breakdowns and transitions. With the Winter Music Conference and all the events that coincide just around the corner, 'Meet Her In Miami' should keep plenty of bodies moving over the next few months. Check it out below:

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