BPM Festival

Ibiza United | Sankeys Ibiza | BPM Festival

As clubbers from around the world prepare to flood the beaches of Playa Del Carmen with the plan to indulge in as many events as possible, much of dance music’s main players will be there to oblige their party hunger. Boasting a lineup of over 250+ DJs and 50+ events, BPM is a huge event. 

Ibiza United | Sankeys Ibiza | BPM Festival

With each event being hosted by various labels and international brands, Sankeys Ibiza and Ibiza United have teamed up to offer their own event. Taking place at Kool Beach, Sankeys and Ibiza United have invited Butch, Pirupa, Antonio Piacquadio and The Midnight Perverts to partake in their morning masquerade. Kicking off at 10am on January 5th, festival goers will wake up to an atmosphere filled with party vibes and grooves. Considered to be one of the biggest dance music gatherings throughout the world, the BPM Festival looks set to kick off 2013 with a bang.

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