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Floppy Sounds | Those Voices

Rob Rives returns with the first Floppy Sounds single in two years after 2010’s ‘City For Sale’ remixes that included Pete Heller, Tedd Paterson & Roberto Rodriguez. Reunited with ‘City For Sale’ vocalist Devon Dunaway, ‘Those Voices’ could be thought of as the next step for the despairing narrator of that earlier record.  Where in ‘City For Sale’, Dunaway was lamenting feeling left out of the New York party, now he’s hearing voices and having deranged, paranoid delusions. 


Over the hammering kick drum and shifting bass patterns, Dunaway begs to be rid of “those voices” in a vocal performance somewhere between the vamped up stylings of ‘90s Jackie 60 parties and the seductive tones of alleged father, Isaac Hayes. The track captures the same neurotic, claustrophobic feel of the lyrics by welding the heavily processed vocal to a pummeling bassline and subtly shifting textures. ‘Those Voices’ is basically Rives’ typically dark take on the classic Chicago Acid House records of the ‘80s and Sounds Factory tracks of the ‘90s and is designed to cast a distinctively dark, but peak hour spell over the dancefloor.

Floppy Sounds | Those Voices

On B-side ‘Discombobulated’ Rives strips the sounds back a bit, focusing on another tech-house groove, but this time with more of a tribal flavor. While on the A-side you had Dunaway as narrator portraying his harrowing psychological state, ‘Discombobulated’ dispenses with the narration and paints the picture in pure sonics. A strangulated voice straight from the “Freedom House” era loops around the mix mockingly while additional disembodied vocal tones churn in and out as the track builds to a jacking groove. It’s out tomorrow. Listen HERE.


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