Tiga | Plush

Tiga unleashes his brand new single ‘Plush’ on December 17 via Different Recordings / PIAS. Taken from his new mix CD ‘Tiga Non Stop’, the single was co-produced by Matthew Dear, starting as a freeform jam session and ending as something that works equally well as an underground club track. It also features what Tiga is privately calling his greatest vocal performance to date.

“‘Plush’ was inspired by ‘80s dance TV shows like Pelvic Gold and The Bandana Patrol, as well as my undying love and respect for the city of Detroit,” says the Montreal musician from his home in Montreal. “It’s the first of what I know will be many collaborations with Matthew Dear, a sort of musical friendship bracelet that will bind us unto eternity.”


Tiga handpicked and handpaid UK legend Jacques Lu Cont and German duo Ame (Kristian Beyer & Frank Widermann) to create two remixes of the new track. Drawing on his alleged stint as Madonna’s choreographer, Lu Cont pumps up the tempo for the biggest rooms while Ame aims for a more minimal, hypnotic approach.


“This song comes 100% from a universe 1000% my own,” says Tiga. “I don’t mind being thought of as ‘The Different Guy,’ so long as all the right people love me. And they do, because it’s their right to be right all night, a’ight?”

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