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Fake Blood | Cells

Fake Blood’s debut album, ‘Cells’, released via Different Recordings, is currently being streamed in its entirety on www.fakebloodmusic.com. Theo Keating has forged his own path as Fake Blood- a hard-hitting, multi genre artist with a cult following. ‘Cells’ is an 11-track distillation of Keating’s surreal vision, an electronic album skewered by his love of the macabre, the uncanny and the sinister.

Theo Keating | Fake Blood
Theo Keating | Fake Blood

“In the beginning, I didn’t have any publicity, I didn’t have any photos and I didn’t make any merchandise, so people filled the vacuum themselves,” says Theo. “They started websites to speculate about my identity; they turned up to my gigs in homemade T-shirts, necklaces and gasmasks and sunglasses drenched in blood. I stepped out of that world and they stepped into it, as if they’d created part of it. That inclusiveness has been one of my favourite things about doing this.


“You need a hunger for new music, a curiosity that needs constant feeding and, crucially, be open to change. The enemy is nostalgia. If you can always find stuff that excites or interests you, and let that inspire you to try new ideas, then you can enjoy yourself. That, really, is at the heart of it all.”

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