Merveille & Crosson

Merveille & Crosson | DRM | Visionquest

Following last year’s EP release ‘DRM’, Visionquest’s own Ryan Crosson teams up with Cadenza’s Cesar Merveille for a full-length album that carries the label into as yet uncharted waters. Crosson and Merveille offer up nine pieces of music that will appeal to fans of Broadcast, Air, Kevin Shields, or Juana Molina as much as they will to any forward-thinking DJ trying to curate an appropriately reflective afterhours. 

Merveille & Crosson | DRM | Visionquest

Despite huge variations in tempo and instrumentation, these two young men are no strangers to the limelight. Ryan Crosson has appeared on the cover of both of the top two UK music magazines in the past year, Mixmag and DJ, as part of Visionquest. It’s no secret that the four-man DJ and production outfit (together with Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves and Lee Curtiss) hailing from Detroit and same-titled label imprint are one of the biggest acts of the present. Cesare Merveille shot to notoriety alongside Luciano’s Cadenza crew in a similar fashion and made his mark during their collected explosion over the last couple of years. Together they unite using their unassuming surnames to form a new alias together, mixed by producer Luke Solomon

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