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KJ Sawka | Repeating Cycles

KJ Sawka has rocketed to international success over the course of the last five years, recently completing a two-year world tour as part of the platinum selling, award winning Pendulum. Now resting up back in his home city of Seattle USA, KJ has been re-visiting his studio to work on his solo production once more, which was in full flow well before he joined the biggest band in bass music. Now it’s time for his new track, ‘Repeating Cycles’. 


Featuring the vocal talents of Swiss chanteuse LaMeduza, this is a journey deep into the rhythmical mastermind of KJ Sawka who demonstrates not only some of the most heart-stopping, hip-jacking drums you could hope for but also a real sonic mastery of his studio gear. Also on show is an array of remixes; Stiletto drops a house re-rub, Kezwik moves tectonic plates with his take and Samples more than matches the competition. The release also includes KJ’s own D&B VIP mix that aims straight for the dance floor. Check the mix below, click here for all the mixes: http://soundcloud.com/kjsawka

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