Oliver Lang

Oliver Lange | Push It EP | Ninety3 Records

Ninety3 Records this week released a fresh EP from Oliver Lang, with all of the artists on the EP bringing their own visions to the original, giving it a very varied and eclectic combination of tracks. It kicks off with Oliver’s Original Mix of the track, a formation of electrical hits, effects and subtle drops, a perfect base for the three remixes on the EP. The second track of the collection is a huge remix by Seb Fontaine & Alex Blanco, and shows you how much of a different direction these artists were inspired to go. Big drops and long and varied build-ups, using samples from various genres, make this a decent track to check.

Switching up the groove is L.E.O’s F*** House Music Remix, once again using those original stabs to take it into his own style, with breakdowns and reverb, it takes elements from house, deep and techno and blends them into a track that could fit into many sets. Finishing the EP is Jay Kay, a remix that has been well received so far with great feedback and is doing well. Jay Kay’s take on the track uses a prominent deep and chunky bassline to carry the groove in a good direction. It’s out now on Beatport, everywhere else on October 29th

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