Lessizmore | Overview #2

Lessizmore continue their globetrotting revelry with a diverse selection of songs from some of their nearest and dearest regulars. Dance floor shenanigans abound with contributions from Tolga Fidan and DeWalta encapsulating the shuffling psychedelic house experiments which figure so highly at Lessizmore events. French pranksters DOP turn in a slice of classic American road story set to a narcotic conga jam.

Jin Choi meanwhile takes to the Plastic Beach, a tranquil paradise of rollicking percussion and Calypso carnival inflections. The party starts to jack with the heavy attitude house of Ahmet Sisman and Laps. William Kouam Djoko, Deadbeat, Mayaan Nidam, and Pierre all lean heavily on the gas and get the classic drum machines pumping with vintage strings and timeless synth workouts. Discerning DJs could wisely close any night with the smooth and sultry set of jazz and disco sweat induction machines from Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts and Dilo. Clovis, Cesar Merveille and Jorge Gonzales, Geoff Wichmann, and Doubting Thomas all turn writhing slabs of chugging weirdness certain to melt the faces off even the most experienced punters from the very first drop. More info: www.lessizmore.com

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