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Riva Starr | OPA!

Following on from one of the most unlikely underground peaks to date (‘I Was Drunk’ featuring Noze, now with over 12 million combined hits on Youtube), Riva Starr goes back in time to offer his latest release. In true Riva style, OPA! fuses the old with the new, eastern vibes with the western bleeps to produce an uplifting big room cut. 

'OPA!' is an archaic Eastern Mediterranean utterance which may be used as an ‘Exclamation’, or ‘Declaration’, or ‘Affirmation’ or as a lovingly gentle way of telling you to ‘Stop’, depending on the situational context, but mainly: 'OPA!' means to stop and celebrate life, honour and thank the ones that are dancing and playing… And then break some plates! 'OPA!'.On the flip side, ‘All Over The Place’, (featuring the talents of those French based folks known as dOP) brings you a unique slice of mind-bending beats, warped lyrics and swing. Check it out below, it’s out October 24 on Snatch Records.

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