Snowbombing 2013

Snowbombing 2013

Snowbombing 2013 is once again inviting guests to take to the road in a journey across Europe – final destination Mayrhofen, Austria - forming just one small part of the Snowbombing festival experience. The theme this year is Circus and will see over 150 cars of ringmasters, bearded ladies and strongmen snake their way through hundreds of miles of stunning European scenery to arrive at the festival.


Snowbombing 2013 | Roadtrip

Participants will swap walking the tightrope of economy airlines - cramped seats, warm wine and airport tedium - for adventure on the open road, among festival-lovin’, fuel-drinking fire-breathers and an overnight pit stop which is apparently not for the squeamish or fainthearted! The high jinks on the highway include decals and flags for your car, driver’s manual with route, tasks and activities, road trip uniforms, return ferry tickets, departure BBQ and party, stopover party, arrival procession in front of the whole town in Mayrhofen, parking facilities en route and on site, as well as your very own certificate! Tickets for the Road Trip are extremely limited and can be added onto your Snowbombing booking as an optional extra:

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