Traci Lords

Traci Lords | M2F2

A multifaceted artist, actress, musician and DJ, Traci Lords has long been pursuing her passion for music and now she delivers a quintessential NY sounding album in the form of ‘M2F2’ on Sea to Sun Recordings. The compilation is slathered with thick decadent house music, pounding rhythms and pumping melodies. Not for the shy, it delivers a continuous DJ mix album full of beats.

Just released on Sea to Sun Recordings, M2F2 features 13 tracks of music including three Traci Lords originals and some of Sea to Sun Recording’s most well-known releases chosen by Traci herself. It features no less than seven Billboard Dance Club chart hits (three of which went Top 5), five new exclusives and the Traci originals all wrapped in one continuous mix. 

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