Tumblr break-out stars MSMR release their brand new four-track EP ‘Candy Bar Creep Show’ on October 22nd. The New York duo is the first band ever to release an EP of all original material exclusively through Tumblr, with tracks released during September at The band has harnessed a unique following on the Tumblr community using gifs, images and quotes to embed and express themselves. The EP will then be fully available via iTunes and on limited edition 7” vinyl.


Kicking of yesterday, once a week through September – starting with lead track ‘Bones’ - a track will be released in a Tumblr post along with artwork, a video, and an official remix. It will also be possible to download the stems for each song for fans to make their own remix and submit them back to MSMR. The band will pick their favourites from those submitted and include them in an official album campaign next year. Remixers the band has worked with on the EP include Tom Vek and Twin Shadow amongst others.

MSMR | Candy Bar Creep Show

A dark, brooding rush of modern electronic pop ‘Bones’ follows up MSMR’s first release ‘Hurricane’ earlier this year which caused something of a stir online, being named ‘Best New Track’ by Pitchfork,  ‘Potential Superstars’ by The Guardian website and ‘Very Special’ by The Recommender. The Fly called it ‘the perfect hazy soundtrack to the wistful, perverse weirdness of the Tumblr generation’ and DIY described it as ‘a breathtaking love song’.  The Village Voice who voted their live show one of the Top 6 shows of summer in NYC. MSMR connect their highly adrenalized music and vocals with visuals via video, artwork and online to create an other-worldly sensory experience. Describing their music as ‘Tumblr glitch pop’ ‘soulfuzz’ and ‘electroshock’, MSMR say: “It's no secret we have something of a sweet spot for Tumblr. We like to think of it as a cultural collage and feel like it's the perfect platform for what we want to present with this EP. It has been such an incredible source of inspiration and support, and so in return we wanted to first share the music with the very community that helped create its visual identity.”

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