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Armin van Buuren | Universal Religion Chapter 6’

Earlier this week, at the gallery of Joseph Klibansky, Rize Gallery, the young artist (28) revealed the artwork for the new compilation from Armin van Buuren. The artwork, created for the ‘Universal Religion Chapter 6’ album of the Dutch DJ, is the second work the art star created in collaboration with the world-famous DJ. Klibansky, one of the world’s fastest growing artists of the moment, once again created a work of art that perfectly fits the effect of the music. 


Joseph Klibansky worked non-stop, and the result is a work of art that breathes both his typical ‘new urban wonderland’ style, as well as linking to the philosophy behind ‘Universal Religion’. A modern fairy-tale with utopian cityscapes joins forces with centuries old elements, as well as displaying several facets of the indestructible nature. The artwork for ‘Universal Religion Chapter 6’ translates the power of music, that brings its listeners into a completely different state of mind for that moment.


Joseph Klibansky: “In the past few years, the world and economy has known lots of turbulence, my work has always been an anti-death towards negative coverage. This artwork, to me, is a symbol of hope.”

On September 14th, the sixth album of the yearly ‘Universal Religion’ series of Armin van Buuren will be released on record label Armada Music. The album was recorded live in Europe’s biggest club, Privilege on Spanish island Ibiza, where van Buuren has his residency and hosts his own weekly night. After last year’s success, when Joseph Klibansky created the cover for ‘Universal Religion Chapter 5’, the former number 1 DJ in the world decided to ask the artist for a sequel.


Armin van Buuren: “Universal Religion stands for timeless music, for all kinds of people, for all kinds of religions. Music connects us. Experiencing music is different for everyone, but there's also something universal about it. We all like to look at something beautiful and listen to something beautiful.”


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