Garlands | Fairies

They’ve put on parties on boats on the Mersey and the Mediterranean, had rioting street parties in the mid-afternoon and re-defined escapist raving in a nightclub, but Garlands’ latest adventure sees them take the brand somewhere even more interesting. That heritage of hedonism continues in fine style as Garlands takes the Fairies to a place they’ve never been before... the bottom of the garden.


Garlands will be taking place in a top secret party land for one night only on September 15th, as the Garlands V.W. camper van leads away 400 exclusive, eccentric and highly excitable partygoers on a cluster of vintage double-decker buses. Guests are encouraged to replicate the efforts made by Garlands and fancy dress for this is strongly recommended – channel some flower power vibes and the hippy spirit. The buses are being manned by Garlands’ tranny tour operators, drag queen drivers and stilt walker bus conductors, a nice touch that ensures the craziness begins long before you even set foot in the venue. The soundtrack will be the usual lascivious Garlands histrionics, with blood curdling electro, house and stomping beats all thrown into the mix. 

Garlands | Fairies

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