Ali Love

Ali Love | The Jungle/Playa

No.19 Music team up with Ali Love for a new single featuring production and remix duties from Brigante. No.19 Music continues to grow in strength with recent releases from Konrad Black & Art Department, Tone of Arc and Cameo Culture whilst running their own Social Experiment parties. Now Jonny White and his label team look to a newcomer to the imprint, vocalist and songwriter Ali Love.


Love has been a player in electronic music for some time now, working alongside acid house legend Eon in the band Ignition before signing to Columbia as a solo artist. More recently he’s hooked up with London’s Back Yard Recordings, worked with the Hot Natured crew and has been working with Luca C as Infinity Ink. For this single Ali teams up with producer Brigante to deliver two new cuts, Brigante also offering up his own remix on the second track.


Ali Love | The Jungle/Playa

The record opens with ‘Playa’, a deep and hypnotic, bass driven affair that fuses percussive elements and understated melodies to create the base for Ali Love’s distinctively ethereal and soulful vocals. The A-side is complemented by ‘Brigante’s Jungle’ a warm and haunting slice of underground house music that once again showcases Ali’s vocals, as his incantations about the jungle sit against staccato vocal effects and old school Chicago inspired stabs. Exclusively available on the vinyl release is Seb Brigante’s remix of ‘Brigante’s Jungle’ that sees the record taken into deep and twisted territory with the vocal heavily effected and the drums brought to the fore. Out 27th August



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