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Heidi Presents Jackathon Jams

Heidi expands on her repertoire with the first release on new project, Heidi Presents Jackathon Jams. Recruiting the feminine touches of Maya Jane Coles, Miss Kittin and tINI, this diverse release oozes with the sexiness that only a team like this could deliver. Since 2010, Maya Jane Coles has bust onto the scene seemingly from nowhere, dazzling the world with her DJ and production skills and establishing herself as a queen of nu-school house. 


Getting Freaky' is no exception; Maya proves herself once again, delivering deep beats and a trademark melodic groove, spread over innovative synth sounds and a sexy vocal. With roots deep in the underground ‘90s techno scene, audiences have felt Miss Kittin’s musical impact for nearly 20 years and her classic touch is felt on 'Girlz' with heavy percussion and deep bass conquering the field. Jacking grooves and hi-techno synth lines recall feelings of ‘90s raves, whilst her own timeless vocals recall everything you know and love about Miss Kittin. tINI's remix of 'Girlz' cleverly smoothes things out a bit whilst still retaining the energy of the original, with a stripped back, experimental, dub-techno vibe to it. It’s out now.


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