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Rosske – Hello Ibiza (1980 Recordings)

Rosske – Hello Ibiza (1980 Recordings)

Final one for this week and as usual, we leave you with a monster tune for the weekend. Rosske’s ‘Hello Ibiza’ has been available for a while on Beatport, but we’ve been sitting on it until now, as it’s today that it gets a worldwide release. There are two mixes to choose from, the original and the remix from Cavin Viviano. 


Rosske – Hello Ibiza (1980 Recordings)

The original is our fav, more just for its simplicity and immediate dance floor appeal. Its chunky beats grab you right from the get-go and it’s not long before you hear distant keys in the background. As it gets to its filtered breakdown and drum roll, the keys become more dominant, really taking over the track. When the beat kicks back it, it’s hands in the air and whistling time as this main room anthem starts to seriously kick ass! On the remix from Calvin Viviano, it’s so refreshing not to hear another ‘slightly different’ version of the original. Calvin totally transforms the track, taking it into driving, progressive techno territory. He’s remixed it that much that it’s hard to even recognise the track. No bad thing though, as in the right place, this remix packs a punch and will no doubt go off. Great release for 1980 Recordings. Check it out below


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    electric songs (Friday, 13 July 2012 02:18)

    I know a lot of people still prefer the original but
    I love what Cavin Viviano also did!