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Mark Flash | King Of Light

Previously only available on 12” vinyl, the 30th of this month will see the digital release of ‘King Of Light’ by Mark Flash, on the UR - Underground Resistance label. Hailing from New York but now based in Detroit, with previous releases on Upstart, Footwork and Hi-Phen Music Delivery, Mark Flash joined the Underground Resistance movement and delivered the ‘Brasilia EP’ in 2008. Now for his second solo outing, Mark lays down three tracks of hi-tech funk on ‘King Of Light’.


Mark Flash | King Of Light | Underground Resistance
Underground Resistance

The title track is a blend of emotional melody, stabs and groove. Imagine the light of a Detroit summer’s sunshine while the UR sound fills your ears. The second cut, ‘Dark Symphony’ is so aptly titled that it barely needs an introduction. As the beats slip in, you’re already hypnotised, before the sinister strings hit, and the bongos urge your body to the dancefloor. The tribal chant of ‘Eagle Warriors’ completes the trio, calling you to arms while its percussive sound washes over you. For more info, check out:


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