AKRA | AKRAsounds vol 1

London based imprint Teng launch this July with the ‘AKRASounds Vol.1’ by Nick Woolfson aka AKRA, including a remix from Neville Watson. Nick Woolfson, as one half of Mock & Toof has built a reputation for producing underground deep house and nu-­disco, releasing with the likes of Mule Musiq, DFA and Tiny Sticks / M&T, as well as remixing reputable artists such as Scissor Sisters, Groove Armada, Zero 7, Hot Chip and Ladyhawke. 


AKRA | AKRAsounds vol 1 | Teng
AKRA | AKRAsounds vol 1 | Teng

Now Woolfson moves into techno territory with this new side project as AKRA. Opening track ‘Black Sands’ utilises skippy, broken percussion and a subtle bassline that warbles softly in the background yet adds a substantial amount of low-end depth. The melodic aesthetics take on Detroit influences with cavernous reverbs on moody pads and an eight-note hooky stab sequence. Sporadic claps creep in to further fuel the drum shuffle adding a trippy edge. British Techno artist Neville Watson steps in to rework B-Side, ‘Dust To Dirt’, employing his intensive analogue workout to the composition. From the off the drums scream power with punchy kicks, crispy claps and rolling hats leading the way, while a flourishing delayed synth adds a further sense of excitement as the track builds.


Watson manages to completely transform the feel of the original yet maintains enough of the original vibe to make it instantly recognisable as a remix. As with all his works there is an underlying sense of wisdom and experience attached that add another number to his melancholic productions. ‘Dust To Dirt’ closes the release, a pulsating techno track driven by resonant base notes and a fluttering synth. A simple sturdy drum pattern eases things along while the melodic elements carry its weight. AKRA builds on the progressive hook with modulation and filter rises to create an ever-evolving movement throughout. Out 9th July.


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