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Rob Roar | 808 Digital (Say What)

Rob Roar – 808 Digital (Say What) (Phonetic)

New season in Ibiza always signals a new track from London’s Rob Roar under one of his many production names. This time though, he’s going solo and under his original Rob Roar name and no wonder, when the track’s this good, he should be taking full recognition and credit! Rob’s had some big summer anthems in the past, including the ‘back to the original warehouse’ vibe of ‘Flashback’, under his Max Linen guise. This latest track, ‘808 Digital (Say What)’, is definitely produced for the more discerning floors around the world.


Rob Roar
Rob Roar

It kicks off with a tough 4/4, moving along, daring you to wonder where it might be going. Once it hits the breakdown though, all sorts of effects are added to it as it changes into a breakbeat style. Then, it starts to build and build, reaching for that crescendo and a vocal sample’s then introduced saying ‘listen to what we say, this kinda shit happens every day’ and it all just kicks off, bringing you one of the best original productions we’ve heard in a long time. Rob’s on at Space on Sunday 1st July and you can bet your last dollar this will go off when he drops it. Knowing Rob, he’s probably written in with Space in mind! No idea if it’s out yet, but have a listen to it below, you’ll love it.


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