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Dino Lenny Vs Hardrive – I Wanna Be Like Talking Heads | Strictly Rhythm

Dino Lenny Vs Hardrive – I Wanna Be Like Talking Heads (Strictly Rhythm)

Think this could be one of those tracks that you’re either going to love or hate. We love it and think it’s sheer genius! On paper, it just doesn’t make sense. Italian DJ/producer, Dino Lenny, mashes up Talking Heads’ ‘Psycho Killer’ with Hardrive’s ‘Deep Inside’, then adds his own vocal, replacing the voice of David Byrne with his own and talks about how he’s ‘just a DJ, but if you dig deep inside, I’m like The Beatles or The Doors, you decide. I’m just a DJ but if you look deep inside, I’ve got a good heart, just love me tonight.’ 


Dino Lenny
Dino Lenny

Then where it would be ‘psycho killer, qu’est que c’est’, he’s singing in the same intonation about how he ‘wants to be like Talking Heads’. While this is going on, there’s an awesome bassline throughout and the ‘Deep Inside’ snippet dropping in and out of the track. Dino must have been in a really happy place when he came up with this idea as it just works so well and highlights how creative he is and why he’s such a successful producer, having been behind many previous big dance music tracks. For those who can’t handle the vocal, there’s a great dub and two alternative mixes from Pirupa and Shadow Child (Dave Spoon’s alter ego). It’s exclusive on Beatport just now, out everywhere on 12th June. Make sure to listen below.


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