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The Gallery | Social Deconstruction

The Gallery’s new ‘Social Deconstruction’ compilation features its current legends and future heroes, each with an exclusive track built explicitly from scratch, their Gallery experience has been broken down, analysed and re–constructed in musical form to represent each artist’s most cherished Gallery memory. From Ministry’s main room debauchery, through to next-door’s hectic 103 melange, ‘Social Deconstruction’ captures The Gallery’s magic.


The Gallery | Social Deconstruction

The two CD compilation consists of 24 ground breaking tracks that can’t be heard anywhere else from the likes of Kyau vs Albert, Tritonal, W&W, Jochen Miller, The Thrillseekers, Ronski Speed, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Manuel De La Mare, Daniel Kandi, Max Graham, M.I.K.E, Stoneface & Terminal and many more. Gallery resident, Gavyn Mytchel, who mixed the compilation had this to say:


“Social Deconstruction is special, having been developed specifically with Gallery fans in mind. It also reflects our forward thinking resolve, which defines The Gallery night from any other. I’d like to thank every artist who has devoted their time and effort. A dedication shared by the faithful week in, week out. For this The Gallery is eternally grateful.”


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