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Richard Durand | In Search Of Sunrise 10 Australia

Richard Durand has been working with many new producers, singers and vocalists of late, seeking out potential future stars within the scene. Now he’s ready to launch his next phase as one lucky person gets the chance to tread where only Richard and Tiësto have stepped before. ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ guardian Durand, in cooperation with Black Hole Recordings, will be sharing the next release's limelight with another DJ. And that DJ could be you!


Richard Durand
Richard Durand

Over the last 10 years - throughout Tiësto and Richard's tenures as its mix-master, ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ has premiered some of the biggest trance tracks of all time, captured some of the scene's biggest names at their embryonic stages and broken countless underground tracks into the bargain. To date, between them, they've compiled over 200 tracks onto the albums. To celebrate the country/continent-hopping series' landmark 10th edition, Richard is challenging you to draw up your short-list of the cream of that crop and, using all your skills, whip them into your all-time, best-ever ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ classic mix.


Richard and Black Hole will be taking on the task of listening to all the submitted mixes that fall within the rules of the contest (details below). They'll be on the lookout for someone with track selection, intuition and mixing skills required to capture the absolute essence of an ISOS disc. The winner's mix will feature as the third disc of ‘In Search Of Sunrise 10: Australia’, with your name on the cover! Best of all though, you'll have made your mark on trance compilation history!


Richard Durand | In Search Of Sunrise 10 Australia



The competition is strictly one entry per person.


Mixes must be submitted on or before the 9th of May 2012. Any mixes received after that date will not be admissible to the contest and therefore not judged.


Every entry must be submitted with a full numbered tracklist featuring the artists, titles and remix names as a Word document. Entries that do not include this will not qualify for entry.


When you submit your mix you need to include your REAL name AND your DJ name, your email address, postal address and mobile number (including country dialing code) in a separate Word document. The winner's identity will be thoroughly checked and if they are found to have used a pseudonym, they'll be disqualified. 


Submit your mix by as a 320kbps MP3 file and send to Entries via other upload sites will not be downloaded or count


Only the remix of the track that was used on an actual ‘ISOS’ album can be utilized in your mix. 


Head to Beatport to check the tracks, links below:


Black Hole are looking for a mix with a maximum of 15 tracks and running no more than 78 minutes.


You are free to use any mixing tools available to you.


No discussions will be entered into regarding the final result.


The winner will be announced mid-May.


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