Rick Wade

Rik Wade

Artful Division is a new imprint from the UKʼs Midlands and its debut release sees Rick Wade drop some heavyweight deep vibes in the form of ʻCooler Headsʼ.

 Jon Brooks (Jon Samwell & Will Brooks) and Cecil (Tom Fallon) are the DJs/producers behind Artful Division and have been running parties of the same name in Leicester for just over a year, plying quality deep house in a city that surprisingly (to some) has more than a solid rep for it.


Rick Wade
Rick Wade

This first release for the Artful Division imprint takes in two original cuts from Rick Wade and remixes from label bosses Jon Brooks & Cecil and fellow Leicester housers and City Fly residents, Höhle. The skittering snares and punchy drum work Rick is known for is in spades on opener, ‘Cooler Heads’ – a reduced, undulating slice of deep house that presents itself in a hazy, laidback way despite undoubted weight.

 ‘Jal’ is light on its feet and a raw counterpart to the title track but still sees Wade’s use of chords and bass rhythms to turn in a slow burning, infectious groove.

 Höhle turns in the first of the remixes, preserving the trademark Wade grunt in ‘Jal’ but adding layers of melodies to create a dense, heady interpretation while Jon Brooks & Cecil deliver a version of ‘Cooler Heads’ that ups the skipping, earthy elements to great effect. Out 15th May. 


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