Kate Simko & Matt Tolfrey

Kate Simko & Matt Tolfrey

Leftroom continue their releases with the ʻThe Same PageʼEP, a three track collaborative project between Leftroom boss Matt Tolfrey and Chicagoʼs Kate Simko.

 A true transatlantic collaboration, ʻThe Same Pageʼ was born out of a instant studio chemistry between Tolfrey and Simko following a Chicago-based session just after the Detroit Movement Festival May 2011. After nine months of stolen sessions amongst the duoʼs busy touring schedules, ʻSame Pageʼ was finished in London earlier this year and the results have already given rise to chatter about live shows and longer-term projects.


Despite the skill sets these two producers possess, thereʼs a distinct breakdown in roles across the ʻSame Pageʼ EP. Tolfreyʼs sense of arrangement and adroit use of basslines meets Kateʼs keyboard and drum work throughout and Chicagoʼs jack meets Londonʼs moody elegance head on.

 From the jazz-inflected futurism of lead cut ʻTake It Easyʼ, the discoid discordant funk and fluid progression of ʻLazy Bʼand subtly dubbed, melancholic creep of ʻNo Shameʼ, the EP is a decent example of contemporary house music. With Tolfreyʼs debut LP in progress and Kateʼs solo debut for Leftroom just around the corner, this is a decent taster of what’s to come. Out April 16th.



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