Simian Mobile Disco

Simian Mobile Disco

Their forthcoming ‘Unpatterns’ album is apparently a record full of love, dedication, hard-earned experience, obvious understanding of decades of electronic music from across scenes and styles, and huge fun. With the album’s first single out next month, if you’re in Miami, now is the time to catch SMD before they explode again everywhere when their albums hits the stores.


Simian Mobile Disco

Check out their dates below, and although we’ve featured it before, have a listen to their forthcoming track ‘Seraphim’.





Wed, Mar 21 @ Mamushka's - Paris Social Club Presents Bromance

with Jacques Lu Cont, Brodinksi, more

Wednesday, March 21 @ Gavanna

with Tensnake, Danny Daze, more


Friday, March 23 @ Vagabond - Fixed

with Tensnake, Tiger & Woods, Pillowtalk, more.


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