Jonny White and Nitin’s No.19 Music turns up the heat with a 13-track sampler that could set things alight at this year’s Music Week in Miami. The label needs little introduction at this stage, having risen from obscurity in a few short years to become a key player with some of the hottest producers in dance music. Alongside the records being released, the label has become known for hosting some of the best parties around with recent showcases at the BPM festival in Mexico and at Sankey’s, creating even more buzz around the imprint. 



To coincide with this year’s conference the No.19 team has put together an album length sampler featuring 13 tracks from the label’s artists and friends and the full package will also be accompanied by a limited four-track vinyl release. Highlights include the slo-mo house of ‘La Cueva’, Jonny White & Nitin’s first musical collaboration has to be mentioned, and again Kenny Glasgow comes up with the goods on the acid house / retro sythn anthem ‘The Pretender’. Clockwork’s ‘Things You Do’ is a true electronic gem with its infectious bassline and intense keys and pads and the Soul Clap, Tanner Ross & Sergio Santos collaboration ‘HTAD’ under their SECT moniker hits the mark here in its Jozif remix form. From the quirky electronica of Alex Jones and Teeloo to the funk and soul flavoured club cuts from Balcazar & Sordo and the brooding jazz infused wonder of James Teej’s ‘Don’t Look Back’, there’s arguably something for everyone here. The label has big plans for this year with some key artist albums, a string of huge singles and parties planned across the world; this collection of music gives an insight into what is ahead from the team from Toronto and their band of producers, musicians and artists. Tracklisting below.



1. Jonny White & Nitin – La Cueva

2. Clockwork – Things You Do

3. Kenny Glasgow – The Pretender

4. SECT – HTAD (Jozif Remix)

5. Audiofly, Robbie & Muan – Watching Ourselves

6. James Teej – Don’t Look Back

7. Droog & Inxec - Heat

8. Alex Jones – The Problem with Numbers

9.  Teeloo – Whats Inside

10. Clayton Steele – Distorted Point of View

11. Balcazar & Sordo - Obsession

12. Balcazar & Sordo - Stalker

13. Tony Smart & Terence Kissner – Falling from Grace


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