Soap Dodgers

Soap Dodgers

Despite their name, Soap Dodgers are one the freshest dubstep UK bass duos to have emerged from the scene in recent times. Picked up early on by the mighty N-Type, their music has been gracing the Rinse FM and Radio 1 airwaves ever since with big support coming from the likes of Youngsta, Skream, Mistajam, Hatcha, 16Bit, The Others and of course Wheel & Deal label boss, N-Type. 


Their latest track, ‘Rachel Went South’, is a pound for pound sound system banger, bouncing 4x4 electro step that bridges the gap perfectly between house, electro and dubstep. It’s already a popular club smasher at Ibiza Rinse & FWD with an army of supporters including Skream, Benga, N-Type, Mistajam and Dismantle.


‘Belly’ continues in a similar but less pronounced house vibe vein, carrying some large boom bass giving the distinctive Wheel & Deal full spectrum sound. It’s a proper jumping party tune supported by Skream, Benga, Hatcha, N-Type and Mistajam, with extensive play on Radio 1, Rinse FM and Kiss. This is dance floor dubstep at its best! Out now on Wheel & Deal.


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