Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing are set to release a new 7" through Captured Tracks on February 21st , the first new recordings from the band since 2010's critically acclaimed album 'Gemini'. Where 'Gemini' was the product of 23-year-old Jack Tatum's home recordings, ‘Nowhere’ finds Tatum in a recording studio for the first time. With live instrumentation and vocals from Andrea Estella of Twin Sister, ‘Nowhere’ is a notable departure for Wild Nothing and captures the sound of a maturing songwriter exploring different moods.


Wild Nothing
Wild Nothing

The 7" is currently available through pre-order on the Captured Tracks website with a limited run of 500 on white vinyl. ‘Gemini’ and the follow-up EP, ‘Golden Haze’ landed the band on numerous year-end lists in 2010 including Pitchfork, Stereogum, Under The Radar, Rough Trade, Complex & USA Today. The band are currently hard at work on their next album, expect to hear it in 2012.


Here’s what the press said:


“While Tatum’s words can edge on maudlin, his delivery is more romantic than dreary, and there’s a sly, understated, and subtly addictive melody that gorgeously frames his sentiments. And melodies like that one, which the album features in spades, are ultimately what make Gemini more than just another indie pop record, and often more than the sum of its parts.”



“Tatum makes these lovely little musical postcards of all that music, and I can drift off without being pissed at Reagan and stuff.”



“Wild Nothing specialise in humming, soft-focus garage indie. But the tunes come gleaming through immaculately in tact, teeming and longing. Every song on the album is a keeper.”



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