Lower Dens

Lower Dens (image by Sean Donnola

Ribbon Music recently announced the long-awaited second album from Baltimore’s Lower Dens, ‘Nootropics’ (pronounced No-eh-tro-pics) will be released on May 1st, 2012 (North America) and April 30th, 2012 (rest of world). Lower Dens released their beguiling debut album ‘Twin-Hand Movement’ in July 2010 and where that album was about community, using the band's native Baltimore scene as a springboard and inspiration, ‘Nootropics’ is the next step.


Lower Dens
Lower Dens

The album title is a reference to Lower Dens' interest in transhumanism--the use of technology to extend human capabilities.  It could just as easily extend to the music itself: ‘Brains’, with its sleek, metronomic pulse, examines our relationship to technology, in particular artificial intelligence and is the perfect entryway into ‘Nootropics’ vast and meticulous vision.


Lower Dens are Jana Hunter (vocals, guitar), Will Adams (guitar), Geoff Graham (bass, vocals), Nate Nelson (drums) and Carter Tanton (synths, guitar, vocals). 
For more info, check the website below and click the soundcloud link to hear their track:








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