Just out this week on EnMass Music, 'Salmiakki Sessions Vol 1' by Darude is a reflection of his monthly namesake radio mix show 'Salmiakki Sessions', which has been on air since 2005. This mix compilation consists of 10 of his recent remix productions as well as tried and tested tracks that he's been playing in his live DJ sets regularly. Like the radio show, the compilation also aims to support both household and up-and-coming fellow Finnish names in the dance music scene. Hit ‘read more’ if you want to get the full tracklisting.




‘Salmiakki Sessions Vol 1’ Tracklisting


01. Joonas Hahmo - Mojito (More Sugar Mix)

02. Marcus Maison & Will Dragen - In The Horizon (Original Promo Mix)

03. Orkidea - Stretching Time (Allende Remix)*

04. Slusnik Luna - Sun 2011 (Original Mix)

05. K-System feat. Sherry Davis - Call Me 911 (Weirdness Remix)*

06. Joonas Hahmo - Pizzi (Original Mix)

07. Bluebear Project - Blue Planet (Original Mix)

08. Weirdness - Morning After (Darude Remix)*

09. Alex Kunnari - New Life (Weirdness Remix)

10. Alex Kunnari - Eternity (Darude Remix)

11. Randy Boyer vs. 2AM vs. Darude feat. Georgia Haege - Monster vs. Crazy World (Darude Mash-up)*

12. J Nitti feat. Rowetta - No More Comin' Down (Darude Remix)

13. Paul Corson - Midnight Train (Darude Original Mix)

14. Weirdness feat. Amy Hamblin - Rain Falls On Me (Darude Remix)

15. Randy Boyer feat. Cari Golden - Fragile (Darude & Weirdness Remix)*

16. Kristina Sky & Randy Boyer feat. ShyBoy - Welcome To The Future (Darude & Randy Boyer Remix)

17. Kenneth Thomas feat. Betsie Larkin - Stronger Creature (Darude Remix)

18. Randy Boyer - Brain Dysfunction (Darude Remix)


For more on Darude, check out www.darude.com.


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