While his Maceo Plex alias is on the lips of almost everyone in dance music, Eric Estornel returns to his oldest moniker, Maetrik, to deliver a three track techno EP for the Truesoul imprint.

Having released countless techno releases as Maetrik, Estornel is no novice when it comes to tougher sounds and ʻThe Entityʼ showcases his ability to deliver unique, forward thinking techno in spades.



The title track doesnʼt veer too far away from the tempos weʼd associate with the US born, Valencia-based producers work as Maceo Plex but takes on a decidely more aggressive and moody standpoint. From the one and a half minute, steadily building and increasingly intense intro to the elastic/gutteral bassline combinations ʻThe Entityʼ is a track that displays new detail upon every listen.
The density of production, tension and constant evolution laid out in ʻThe Entityʼ continues with b-side, ʻAstroid Funkʼ. New sounds are introduced from start to finish in ʻAstroid Funkʼ, some smoothly and some out of leftfield but always with a deft touch which makes for a track that is without a dull moment.

 Rounding things off is the digital-only cut, ʻRevenge Of Jackʼ – which is exactly as its title infers. Old school in its references and aesthetics, itʼs a nice contrast to the ultra-modern vinyl cuts which makes the whole package all the more appealing.

 Maetrikʼs ʻThe Entityʼ drops mid-January on Truesoul and you can have a listen here:


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