Following her contribution to ‘Gudu & Friends Vol. 2’, Gudu Records formally welcomes Alinka to the label, with the new single ‘Freedom Dance’, which is out now. Born and brought up in Kyiv, but spent her formative years in Chicago. She spent the 2000s as a resident at Justin Long’s .Dotbleep party at the city’s Smartbar club, and in 2012 launched Twirl - her party series and label with Shaun J. Wright.


Now based in Berlin, she is on a rich form when it comes to her own productions, releasing on Permanent Vacation, Rekids and more. Her first full EP for the label, each of the tracks are apparently made for maximum impact.


Alinka: "Peggy Gou and I met years ago at Panorama Bar in Berlin and had the best time, and I’ve been a fan of her music since the start. We share a common love for house music, so when she asked me to make music for Gudu, I was really honoured and excited. I wrote these tracks just for her and the label, so it’s a very special project for me, and the music means a lot to me. It’s music for the dancefloor. I grew up in Chicago, so I make tracks to close your eyes and dance to like no one's watching. It's an ode to the timeless sound that shaped my life."


The 'Dance Like Nobody’s Watching' EP Is out 14 June via Gudu.

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