Leo Janerio

Leo Janerio

The Cocada label's Leo Janeiro serves up his own new EP with remixes from fellow Brazilians Vini Pistori and Stanccione. Leo is the Brazilian who runs things behind the scenes with Get Physical Music's Latin America-focussed sub-label. 

Opener 'Gin Tônica' has a fat and funky bass riff and claps that aim to get your hips moving. As the drum fills, synths and melodic hooks arrive as the whole track brims with tropical disco energy and Latin flair. 


Mid-tempo house track 'Papaya' mixes together chords and vibes, keys and percussive highlights with effects. The first remix is from Sao Paolo artist and indie dance artist Vini Pistori, who has released on Monaberry, Calypso Records and Connected. 


The second remix is from another Brazilian, Stanccione, who delivers a more introspective, minimalist rework.

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