With the most recent green light on large-scale events by Dutch authorities, this October will officially mark ADE’s return to Amsterdam. The first confirmed speakers for the ADE Pro conference at Felix Meritis include Don Diablo, Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) and his business partner Dean Wilson, Mixcloud CEO and co-founder Nico Perez, IMPALA chair Helen Smith, musical duo Zaena x Jason Maek and AR/VR expert Cortney Harding.

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the world’s leading conference and festival for electronic music, is preparing to return in its full live format for its 25th edition, welcoming music professionals back to its home base Felix Meritis at the Amsterdam canals from 13-17 October 2021. 


ADE Pro 2021 will discuss the future shape of the music industry, diving deep into new ways of generating income for artists including NFTs and Blockchain, examining multiple green and sustainable initiatives and focusing on more profitable and effective business practices, as well as exploring how to reform streaming platforms to guarantee electronic music artists get their fair share.


The ADE Pro Pass, which provides access to the complete ADE daytime and nighttime experience, is now on sale at the Early Bird rate. 

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