Sllash & Doppe

Sllash & Doppe

Sllash & Doppe recently released their brand new single ‘Off My Mind’ on Toolroom Records. Hailing from Romania, the duo have seen support from artists such as Solomun, Bedouin, Blond:ish, Martin Sloveig, Danny Howard, Roger Sanchez as well as well as label owner, Mark Knight. 

With releases on labels such as Great Stuff, Glasgow Underground, Safe Music and Kittball, the duo aim to keep up the consistency and quality of their records for 2021. 


The track showcases their sound but with a serious edge and is ready for the dancefloor. Its piano stabs hit hard, backed up by synth lines and a bassline which together create the production. The record is full of emotion, dealing with heartbreak and moving on as the vocals echo a sense of longing, a yearning to move past a moment in time. 


The track is possibly one of strongest releases by Sllash & Doppe yet, and drops just in time for spring and those longer evenings we’ve all been craving for.


Check it out below.

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