DJ/producer Mason drops ‘Givin’ Up’, a disco-house hybrid, on his own Animal Language imprint. Equal parts groove, melody and eccentricity, he has avoided jumping on electronic music bandwagons and with a palette borrowed from formative years immersed in hip-hop, house, electro, funk and disco there are apparently no rules to his musical style.

Over the last few years Mason has released on various labels including Toolroom, Armada and Fool’s Gold, as well as running his own imprint.


After being invited to pilfer the multi-tracks of the classic label Philly Groove, he selected a tune to remodel in his own style. Following his ‘Drowning in Your Love’ on Toolroom, this track follows in a similarly disco-leaning path, complete with chords, soulful vocals and a big breakdown.


It’s out 26 March.

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