More music from the Balearic mind of Roger Shah this month, as his alias returns aiming to put a ray of the warm stuff into Spring. The strains of ‘Hello Sunrise’ will possibly have swift resonance for anyone who joined last year’s ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ mixes. He used the then tones of its Chillout Mix to overture his debut disc on the 16th edition of the series. 

Now, Sunlounger has ushered its languid tranquillity back up onto the mixing desk and sought to replace just a touch of its chill with a wee bit of uptempo.  


With a  pulse to its bass, he equalises the original’s vision with a moving tempo, effecting a cruise up to club speed. Drop-side temperate melodies swirl and the chords warm, before Roger’s snares seize the initiative to deliver its executed conclusion. 


Completing the release is the ISOS-premiered Chillout Mix, which locks his lounger into a horizontal of position. Splitting the difference between the two meanwhile is the previously unheard Original Mix, which slowly ascends from beatless, beatific calm to dance pulse.


It’s out now one Blackhole Recordings.

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