Trentemøller | Tricky

Trentemøller | Tricky

Last September, Tricky released his album ‘Fall To Pieces’ and recently he announced a remix EP with contributions from Trentemøller, Kahn, LA Timpa and Lafawndah. Four artists that are possibly known for their own production styles, recalibrate and incorporate Tricky’s music into their own sonic terrains.  

Trentemøller: “I was very honoured when Tricky asked me to remix ‘Like A Stone’ as I’m a huge fan of his work - and it’s a really great song! I only used his and Marta’s vocals and build up an entirely new song around them, focusing on a melodic and mystical vibe.”


Tricky may be over three decades deep into his music career, but he’s currently on a run. In the last year, he dropped the ’20,20’ EP and put out an autobiography, ‘Hell Is Round The Corner’ as well as recording ‘Fall To Pieces’ in his Berlin studio in late 2019. 


Tricky ‘Like a Stone’ (Trentemøller remix) is out now on False Idols / !K7 Records

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