Danish headphone brand, AIAIAI, have produced a new short film series giving an exclusive insight into some of contemporary music’s leading artistic talents. Made available via the brand’s YouTube channel, ‘My Process’ launches with Nubya Garcia, the multi-award-winning saxophonist and composer whose debut album SOURCE apparently brought her wide critical acclaim in 2020.

Nubya Garcia
Nubya Garcia

‘My Process With… Nubya Garcia’ was recorded during late autumn in London’s Little Red Studios, and features the young jazz player performing on piano and sax, and talking through tracks from SOURCE, with bite-sized chapters on chord structure; exploring melody; repeat and practice; structure and arrangement; and her approach to inspiration and creativity.


AIAIAI’s ‘My Process’ series lands at a time when more people than ever are pursuing creative endeavours at home in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic; further episodes will be released soon. The video was directed by Ben Holman for Beija Films, with creative direction from Benji B.


2020 has seen the brand produce collaborations with NTS, Braindead, and KNTXT, and create partnerships with Serato, Native Instruments, and a mix series with Benji B.


Benji B: “The idea of the series was to create a resource for music creatives - an encyclopaedia of ideas presented by musicians, producers, composers, DJs, MCs, and instrumentalists, sharing techniques that they use in their process of making music. It’s intended to be less of a “how to” and more of a “how I…”  - presenting the opportunity to observe how different people approach music making. Due to the pandemic many people have more time and a desire to explore their creativity, and sometimes learning how a diverse range of respected artists approach their process can help inform how we find our own. Hopefully “My Process” can be one of the resources that helps do that.”

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