Grazze & Nuage

Grazze & Nuage

Combining their abilities for a three-track offering, Grazze & Nuage come together for the collaborative EP, ‘Aulos’ , which is out now on Nora En Pure’s Purified Records.

The multi-layered extended play explores a range of genres from across the spectrum, aiming to showcase the producers’ production abilities. Opening the EP, the duo construct a slice of downtempo breakbeat with an industrial energy and euphoric elements. 


Their second offering ‘Whoever You Want To Be’ is  a melodic cut, which infuses a spoken verse with a gentle instrumental arrangement, resulting in a therapeutic piece of dance music that may soothe the listener to their core. 


Reworking the B-Side in a deep and mysterious rendition, Deeparture transforms the track into a club-focused creation that adds another dimension to the EP.


Founded in November 2019, the Purified Records imprint has released a steady stream of electronic dance music from various artists. Melodic tracks, down-tempo creations and club-focused cuts, the label continues to mature and grow in popularity to electronic music lovers.


Check it out below.

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