Le Youth welcomes emerging US artists Motives to PRGRSSN as he reveals his three-track ‘Solace’ EP. Based in Washington DC, Ben Kane, aka Motives, has featured across a host of the city’s venues including Flash, Sax and Ten Tigers. 

A lifelong musician, drawing inspiration from melodic and progressive territories and artists such as Lane 8, Yotto and Cassian, his musical output under Kane (DC) apparently led to strong early-attention from across the scene.


Tomorrow sees a debut appearance on the imprint as he delivers the first release under his Motives guise. Title cut ‘Solace’ opens the package as escalating synths and delicate vocals float atop of driving basslines to deliver the opener, whilst ‘Roadmaps’ welcomes a more paired-back production with uplifting lead melodies and wandering electronics. 


To close, ‘Nothing Stays’ concludes the EP as further vocal work ebbs and flows amongst basslines and sweeping leads to shape up proceedings. 

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