Armada Next

Maykel Piron & Ben Malone (by Kian Lem)

Armada Music CEO Maykel Piron has just launched a brand-new radio show called Armada Next. Hosted and curated by the label head himself alongside Armada Music’s UK label manager and co-host Ben Malone, the one-hour show will be broadcast every Sunday on Sirius XM before hitting Mixcloud, SoundCloud, YouTube and Facebook a day later.

Mixed live in audio and video from the recording studio in Armada Music’s HQ in Amsterdam, each episode offers up a showcase of new music and undiscovered tracks. Containing exclusives features and premieres, a Track Of The Week and an Armada Music classic, the radio show aims to circle the sweet spot between global club culture and underground relevance as it spotlights Maykel Piron’s pick of next-gen records and peak-time anthems. It’s a dedication to the evolution of underground music, and a way for the Armada Music chief to share his excitement, passion and vision with the rest of the world.


Maykel Piron: “Making radio and mixing records is something that I always loved doing and always wanted to do again. When the guys from Sirius XM first told me that they’d love to see me do a radio show, I just knew I had to pick up making radio again. I think Armada Next is a great way for me to share my vision, musical taste and love for dance music with the world, and I can’t wait to see how this new endeavour will unfold.”

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