Jam & Spoon

Jam & Spoon

Other tracks may have announced their arrival, but ‘Right In The Night’ was probably the one that poured the concrete that internationally cemented Jam & Spoon’s rep. The combination of bass pulse, flamenco strings and Plavka’s song turned it into a pan-European chart hit. 

Now Black Hole Recordings have remixed the track by enlisting the skills of Johan Gielen and Morttagua, who’ve sent it along a markedly different route, recasting ‘Right’ for their own night. 


Rio-resident and prog-explorer Morttagua is first with the remix flame, fashioning ‘Right’ into a ether-filled production. Bass-throb, percussive tap, spaced sub-melodies and orchestral hits all contribute to its progressive vision, ultimately seeing the Brazilian replace its guitar mainline with moody-as-you-like synths.


From there the release pirouettes from deeper perspectives to those of Johan Gielen, who sends it much later into the night. Mounting his mix atop scudding drums, moving chords and percussion-spurred rhythms, he homages the original’s guitar inflections and maraca snaps, before letting his mainline notes rain from the sky.

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