On 15 May, Carl Cox will be making the pilgrimage to San Francisco to perform for the annual Playground fundraiser at The Midway. Playground has apparently become a musical beacon on the Black Rock City landscape ever since it first emerged from Carl’s private RV in 2014. 

He originated the idea while attending Burning Man with some friends back in 2008 and found himself playing to more and more burners who’d just pop on his RV for a dance and a drink and he thought to himself, “It’s a bit crowded in here and we have the whole desert to play in…I really should take this outside!”


Today, Playground is apparently a fundamental soundcamp at Burning Man for one reason only - burners love it. The team around this camp bring years of creative, logistical and engineering experience. 


This year, the Playground fundraiser will be held on 15 May at The Midway in San Francisco. Carl will be joined by fellow burner and Playground camp alum, Joseph Capriati along with techno artist, Enrico Sangiuliano.

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