Parisian electronic artist R-Wan recently delivered a pool side party in the green hills of Bali’s Ubud. A centre for crafts, art and dance, the town is apparently a draw for its natural beauty, cultural treasures and its unique tropical vibe. Naming the experience the ‘Ubud Project’, he treated a group of music fans to a set within the backdrop of Ubud’s rainforest canopy.

Fusing elements of hip hop with the electronic sounds of bass, trap progressive and house, the 40-minute terrace top DJ set was a showcase of open format delivery. Released during the same month as his latest single ‘Turnt Up’ featuring West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg, the stream and single are available now.


Away from the nightlife scenes found in Seminyak, Kuta and Legian, Ubud spins people in a different direction entirely, which is seemingly what he wanted to showcase during the DJ session. By allowing music fans to savour in the dramatic imagery of Ubud’s natural charm through drone footage, he organised the sunset performance to showcase the true beauty that lies within a small part of the town’s magical jungle scenery.

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